Saturday, April 28, 2007

dancin' in the streets

We picked up my new computer Thursday, complete with shiny new flat screen monitor (woo Vivi joins the 21st century!) and a French AZERTY keyboard, which I'm still getting used to, but I know for sure where the backspace key is (heh). After a few fits and starts - the cable that connects our two computers chose the perfect time to short out, leaving us in a panic until we realized what the problem was, and you can hardly blame us when we've had so many computer problems in the past to jump to the worst conclusion in the beginning - we're both back up and running again and I'm slowly but surely adding on my favorite sites and widgets and programs.

Tomorrow our town is holding a foire commerciale, or commerical fair. If it's anything like last year, the long main street that runs through the town will be covered with tents and merchants offering everything from food to clothes to furniture. We're (finally!) supposed to get some rain tonight, which will hopefully cool us off and stick around for a few days, but if it's not too bad we'll go have a look-see. It seems that the town officials are preparing for the fair by testing the speakers that are hooked up all along the main road. As I walked around the corner to our usual boulangerie, I was treated to salsa music blasting out of the speakers. It was everything I could do not to shake my money maker as I made my way down the street - that music is crazy addictive!

On a last note - I was going to post this myself, but I haven't got all of my programs and thingies installed yet so I'm going to link to it instead - I saw this yesterday and had a good giggle over it. If you're in France or keeping up with French politics, check this out!

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