Monday, June 23, 2008

in which vivi's husband one-ups her

So, I was going to write a post about how I got a nasty cold and was sick all week, without the benefits of coma-inducing drugs, as is my want when I am sick, but then Stéph had to come up behind me and steal my thunder.

But then, this is my blog and I'll whine if I want to.

I'm not sure if I picked something up in Paris or it was just my time, but I felt ye olde tickle in the back of my throat Tuesday and by Wednesday evening I was beyond miserable. Luckily, I had a doctor's appointment Wednesday morning (French Fry is doing just fine) and he did give me a little something something to ease the symptoms, but obviously no where near my beloved NyQuil. So I basically bitched and moaned and was generally pleasant to be around for several days.

The truth is, I am really a whiny baby when it comes to being sick. I don't think I'm generally a whiny person (see: getting a giant needle in my abdomen) but as soon as I get a sniffle it is all over. And here I thought that I'd gotten halfway through pregnancy without getting sick so maybe I'd go all the way. HA!

So I was being all sick and pitiful and then Stéph had his school's end of year festival on Saturday morning. I was going to go but I truly was still feeling pitiful and I ended up missing all the excitement. Around the time Stéph was supposed to come home for lunch, I hear him come in from upstairs but he's not alone. I made my excuses (I was still in pitiful sick mode) but soon I realized I had to let the drama go - Stéph had taken a champagne cork in the eye! It was all an accident (and you can imagine that it does happen from time to time in France with as much champagne they drink) and he seemed ok but we hopped in the car anyway and headed to the hospital. Thankfully there is no permanent damage but he does have a perforated cornea (the "skin" of the eye) so he was sent home with loads of drugs. He truly took that cork right in the eye because he has no bruising at all and only a couple of small marks on his eyelid.

So guess who got to be the drama queen for the rest of the weekend? Well, I guess it's alright really since the pain really kicked in by the time we got home. At least I can report that his bedside manner is improving, making it easer to tend to the wounded when it was his turn!

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