Tuesday, August 19, 2008

family weekend

This weekend a load of us ferners (that's foreigners with a goofy southern accent ex: "I'd move to France but it's filled up with ferners" quoth my Dad) headed out into deepest darkest France to the gentleman farmer estate of Doc and her family. The load of us included Flare and her family, Mrs. C and her family, the effervescent Antipo and the always lovely Ksam (that's Sam with a silent K for those of you out of the loop, though I'm still lobbying for a pronunciation closer to KAZAM!) and Stéph and yours truly. Together with Doc's crowd we made one hell of a Franco-American noise.

But what a great noise! We lounged around, ate good food, talked for hours, went sightseeing, ate some more, talked a lot more (well, I did, anyway) enjoyed the gorgeous weather and finished up by eating some more with some talking thrown in for good measure. It was glorious!

Of course, I'm at the point now that even a weekend of lounging and eating wipes me out so yesterday was kind of a wash (plus I think French Fry was going through a growth spurt which means I had some stretching pains, ouchie) but today I'm back to my summer routine of tidying up things, crafting things and watching things on tv (the Olympics pretty much stays on for most of the day). But that's alright, this past weekend was a fantastic break from the norm that was much needed. Thanks to Doc and her family for being wonderful hosts as always and to the other guests for putting up with my motor mouth (which ran a mile a minute from the time I got there until we left - you'd think I was starving for company or something! oh wait...).

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