Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bonne année & bonne santé !

Happy New Year and Good Health, as the French say! I can't believe we're nearly a week into 2009 already!

We rang in the New Year with a friend of ours. She's a pretty heavy smoker, and before we quit we used to smoke like demons together, but visiting her was a real eye-opener. I was hesitant to go because I didn't feel comfortable telling her that she couldn't smoke in her own home (because of Fry's presence, of course), but she insisted that she would smoke in the kitchen with the door closed and I felt like that was enough of a compromise. Well, she announced upon arrival that she hadn't smoked in the living room all day and it still smelled like the inside of an ash tray! It's so funny that when you're a smoker, you sincerely think you've made such a huge improvement in such a short amount of time! Both Stéph and I indulged in a cigarette or two, but to be honest I don't miss smoking at all, especially when we got home and simply everything reeked of smoke, from the diaper bag to Fry's clothes! I think we'll visit this friend again in summer, when it's warm enough to sit outside...

Stéph went back to work yesterday and I had my first day completely alone with Fry since he was only four weeks old. I was totally worn out by the time Stéph came home in the evening! We woke up to a nice layer of snow as well, which freaked me out because we really had to go to the store yesterday for some essentials. We survived the snowy drive to the store and back and I spent the rest of the day trying to get a little housework done and keeping Fry happy. I tried to take a nap in the afternoon but I just seem to have some kind of mental block about sleeping during the day! The whole time I feel like a lazy bastard while I think about all the things I could be doing. I finally took a nap in the evening, which I guess I'll have to keep doing as long as I have night duty. Stéph and I have worked out that I'll do all the night feedings when he has to work the next day, which actually works out really well for us, as long as I can catch a nap during the day! You can see my dilemma.

Finally, I just got a really nice letter in the mail. When we sent out our birth announcements (in France, the American ones are still on their way over the ocean I think), we included both the OB/GYN that I saw for the first half of my pregnancy and the one I saw for the second half after the first one had a debilitating accident. They share an office so it was no problem to address the announcement to both doctors. The letter I received this morning was from the first doctor who not only thanked us for the announcement, but he apologized for being unavailable for the end of the pregnancy and birth! I just think that was a really nice gesture. I've still been seeing the second doctor since Fry was born because his hours are a bit more convenient for us, but now I feel like I want to try to get in to see him just to say hello!

Speaking of doctors, I think I've finally convinced Stéph that it would be better for us to switch over to Dr. H as our primary doctor. I need to make an appointment for Fry's second month (already!!!) so I'll have to make that call this week.

I hope you all had a great New Year's! I don't know about you, but I have a very good feeling about 2009!

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