Monday, October 05, 2009

And Lo, Suis le fil, the Boutique is born

Here is a post I've been wanting to write for a long, long time.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Suis le fil, an Etsy shop.

I've been blathering on about wanting to start some sort of business practically since I got off the plane five years ago. It took nearly that long to figure out what I wanted to do. Not quite five years ago, Stéph took me to Provins for the yearly medieval festival and I thought, "This, I want to do this!" Ok, but doing what? Three years ago, I learned how to knit. And finally, six months ago, I decided to try to combine my love of history and knitting (two great tastes that taste great together!) and take a huge leap of faith.

drawstring bags

I started creating drawstring pouches lined with linen, using motifs from extant bags combined with original designs. Then I started putting those motifs on other things as well.

diamant headband jardin bookmark

I'm not quite ready for the medieval festival, but I've created something I'm truly proud of and am happy to share it.

I'll keep most of my blogging about the shop at my other blog, Suis le fil, but this is too big for me not to share. I hope you enjoy it!


kylie said...

congratulations, vivi! the etsy site looks great!

Antipo Déesse said...

You are a Bobby Dazzler darlin'! Love the cute model you got to wear the hairband :)

nina said...

Beautiful! May you prosper in all ways! (How did you get to be so good at it in such a short period of time??)

City Girl said...

I have lurked on your blog for years (and may have delurked at times, only to lurk again). But for this, I delurk. CONGRATULATIONS - what an exciting development :)

La Rêveuse said...

Yay, Vivi!!! I'm so proud of you. :)

Leah said...

Felicitations, Vivi, you're really quite douee!

Lisanne said...

WOO HOO! I'll add you as a favorite. Mine is

Vivi said...

Thank you guys so much!!

Antipo, I got lucky, she works cheap. ;)

Nina, I think I just found "my thing" and it clicked, you know?

City Girl, I am honored that you've delurked for me!! Delurkers are my favorite. :D

Lisanne, awesome I will look for you!

buzzgirl said...

Congrats! A post well worth the wait :)

Best of luck!