Monday, November 16, 2009

in which nothing gets done

Sometimes it seems like the more I struggle to get myself together, the easier everything falls apart. Right when I'm ready to head back to aerobics, I catch whatever is was that Fry had two weeks ago (and is still lingering on). Thursday I went to the pharmacy to pick up some cold medicine, but by Saturday morning it was clear that this was no cold. I managed to get in to see a doctor Saturday afternoon, whose eyebrows raised quite high when he saw my temperature (but I didn't), and I left with a prescription for some pretty powerful antibiotics and some cortisone therapy. The difference between Saturday and Sunday was astonishing.

Even so, I'm still not well enough to bounce around in Tiny Town's rec center, much to my chagrin. I'm fighting with yarn these days, trying to get designs from my head to the needles and struggling with it terribly. The problem with selling on Etsy is that the pressure is on to list items and list them quickly, and my products are a bit too detailed and take too long to create. But still, putting myself out there like this and getting positive feedback has been a real boost to the confidence, even if it's slow going.

A final note about house #2 - the agency called us Saturday evening to let us know that they did in fact run our last offer by the owners, and it's still too low. At least we got the final word, which makes me feel a lot better. Assurances have been made that if either party changes their minds, word will be sent right away. I'm hoping to get word to the notary about visiting the next house sometime today.

That's what's happening in our neck of the woods!


La Rêveuse said...

You are awesome, Girlie. Don't let the crap get you down. :)

Have you considered selling any of your patterns on Etsy as pdf files? You've designed some pretty cool things, even besides the newest stuff. Or even the charts for your stranded/intarsia/whateveryoucallthat. It'd be an easier way to list things more often, and you could sell unlimited amounts! Just a thought.

Bisous to you and yours!

Wow, my word verification says, "Cults". Bet that doesn't happen often.

Lisa said...

House hunting can be a trial but once you find "the one" and settle in, you will be able to relax. Feel better.

ira said...

Oh gosh, I just found that, this is you Suis!:)

Vivi said...

Ronica, I owe you an email, funny you should mention that... :)

Lisa, thanks, we don't really feel a lot of pressure on the house hunting front, thankfully!

ira, ha ha, surprise!! :)