Wednesday, June 02, 2010

nineteen months

Here are some random things about Fry, who is nineteen months today:

  • He would rather eat pickles than fresh cucumbers.
  • He consistently waves if you ask him to say "bye-bye."
  • He can feed himself with a spoon (under heavy supervision)
  • He does this hilarious monster baby voice. It's hard to get him to do it, but it always cracks the three of us up, and it's really the first time Fry is aware of the "joke" and is laughing with us.
  • He still generally takes two naps a day, which is totally worth getting up at 7am for. Most days, anyway.
  • Still no words, but the baby talk is always evolving and he repeats sounds more often.
  • He could stop and watch cars and trucks go by for hours, making our daily walk to the boulangerie a bit long but usually I'm not in a hurry so I don't mind.
  • I declared a while a go that I was sure that Fry would be left handed, but I'm not so sure now. He eats pretty consistently with his right hand, but he seems to prefer to draw (well, move the crayon over the paper really fast) with his left. Only time will tell...


nina said...

Are you raising him as bilingual? I'm told that kids who are exposed to two languages take their time in starting to talk, but when they do, oh, is it worth it!

Vivi said...

Hi Nina! Sorry I nearly forgot to respond to this:

Yes, we are doing One Parent, One Language, so I mostly speak English at home and St├ęphane mostly speaks French. The late talking may have more to do with the fact that he was an early walker (10 months), which comes from the idea that early walker talk later and vice versa. I've read recently that the bilingual home isn't thought to be the cause of the late talking anymore but I've only read that in once source so who knows? I'm not at all stressed about it, in any case!