Monday, April 04, 2005

gisbe: guest post

I received an email yesterday from my sister, who received her GISBE package in the mail yesterday from Denise, who writes Do you have that in my size? Mandy doesn't have a blog (yet!), so she sent me her response and a picture of her goodies.

I received your GISBE package this morning! Hooray! :) Thank you so much for your gifts. The Padres hat is super-cool! I actually sent out a Devil Rays cap for my GISBE partner in France. lol :) I actually interviewed Bruce Boche, the Padres' manager, when I was in community college when he was named the manager lo these many years ago. He went to and played baseball for Brevard Community College, and I was the sports editor of the school paper when he got the job. That article helped me win a college scholarship later that year. :)

I'm sorry to report, though, that the salt shaker didn't make it across the country intact. However, it's a clean split, so a bit of super glue will fix it up with no problem. :)

The picture frame is also very cute. I hope I have a picture small enough to fit inside it. :)

I've attached a couple of pictures for you. Please pardon the quality of them, as I was using my web camera. (I thought I was only going to be using that camera for stuff for ebay. Who knew?) I've also copied this message to Vivi (my sister .. yay!!) so she can spread the word of your kindness.

Thanks again and best wishes,

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