Saturday, August 20, 2005

an interlude

The scene: Vivi is flipping through the bi-weekly advertisements from the supermarket, as she and Steph enjoy their morning coffee.

Vivi: 40 euros for a keyboard! That's outrageous!

Steph: (glancing at the ad) Well, it does come with a moose.

Vivi: (cracking up) No, mouse, not moose! A moose is that big animal with the antlers...

Steph: Ah, yes! That's what I need! A moose will be an extra large mouse with antlers on it; it will be excellent for killing more elves!

...and scene.

In other news, we called about the apartment on the 4th floor, only to learn that the last owner was a woman who lived there for 40 years. To say it's a fixer-upper is quite an understatement. We are ok with minor touching up over the next few years, but rewiring the electricity does not fall under those guidelines. We put a call in to another agent regarding another interesting apartment, but he hasn't called back yet. The search continues...

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