Monday, May 21, 2007

officially sick

Well, four days of Actifed Jour et Nuit didn't do the trick. I was supposed to go spend the morning with my mother-in-law in Troyes before having lunch with Stéph and the in-laws before an afternoon appointment, but at the last minute this morning I was forced to make a choice - try to get in to see the doctor or suffer on for one more day. I figured that if I could get an appointment for this morning, it was a sign. And the sign said, "Go to the doctor, do not pass go, do not collect $200." Or something like that.

So I called the in-laws to say I wasn't coming, changed my appointment to the end of the week and walked down to the doctor's office, only five minutes away. Official diagnosis - sinusitis, my old enemy. I used to get it twice a year like clockwork, but it's been ages since I've had it here. Anyway, in typical French fashion, I came away with prescriptions for three medicines to attack three different symptoms: a decongestant, in powder form, taken with water and tasting like powdered orange, taken three times a day, sinus headache medicine, 1-2 pills three times a day, and the dreaded antibiotic, taken once in the morning and once at night. Total cost: €4,10. Usually it's less but the powdered decongestant is only half covered by insurance. Hooray French health system, once again.

So here I am, all drugged up and no place to go. I think I can see some crashing on the couch and snoozing in my future.

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