Thursday, May 07, 2009

six months

Ok, this is for real the last time I'm going to say this: Wow, I can't believe how fast the time flies by! Six months old, half a year, and literally changing before our eyes.

Unfortunately, this past month will be mostly marked for me by illness. As I said before, I know this is just the first time of many that we'll be taking care of a sick little one, but if I ever said he was sick before this month, it was nothing, nothing compared to what we just went through. I'm happy to say he's completely recovered and, as of today, back on his regular schedule, but there is nothing good about seeing your baby lying listless in his bed, without the wherewithal to even cry out. Poor kiddo.

(Oh, and just to catch up - last Wednesday Fry was still having fevers and gastro issues, so we went back to the Dr. He was afraid that Fry might have a kidney infection, so we had to do a urine sample and we started an antibiotic because it would be Monday before we'd have the results back. By the weekend Fry was doing much better and the results came back fine, it was just a very bad stomach bug.)

We are right on the cusp of having a mobile baby. He can get around his crib quite easily now and flips onto his tummy immediately upon being placed on his back. He can flip back on his back too, if he has something to push off of. Nowadays we'll find him in the complete opposite position that we've placed him in. He also likes sleeping up on his knees a lot (I seem to remember my sister doing this a lot when she was little?). He loves to play on the floor in his little play area in the salon and can push himself backwards and turn himself 360 degrees. In the last couple of days he's started pushing himself up on his knees, so I think it's going to be any minute now that he starts moving forward!

Another funny thing we've discovered is that he doesn't care for fruits that have been prepared in a jar but he loves fresh fruit. So far he likes banana, melon and a little applesauce, but that's about all we've been able to try before he got sick. He can't stand having lunch in his Bumbo seat anymore, and until we get his high chair next week he's been having lunch in his bouncy seat, so I've decided to hold off on giving him fruit in the food strainer because it is super messy (and surfaces that can be wiped down are preferred!).

I think that's all the interesting things to report. It looks like the days of putting Fry down in one place and expecting him to still be there if I turn away are nearly over - I think this job is about to get much more interesting!


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Doc said...

If the bouncy seat thing is the one I'm thinking of, it goes in the washer and in the dryer.

Denise said...

Gotta tell ya...I just love reading about Fry's updates and your life as a new mom!

Glad to hear he's doing better!

Renee said...

Happy American Mother's Day! Glad Fry is doing better!