Monday, May 04, 2009

Things we were supposed to do on spring break but couldn't

  • A weekend in the Loire Valley (a holdover from Winter Break, which is when my father in law died)
  • The first BBQ of the year with our online gamer buddies
  • Celebrate Stéph's friend's 50th birthday
  • Take Fry to the public swimming pool for the first time
  • Take down the doors in the shower stall and scrub them down (don't worry Mrs B, that will still get done before you come!)
Things that did get done:

  • Fry's first visit to Paris (which is probably where he picked up the stomach bug)
  • Lowered Fry's crib to the next position as he was starting to hook his foot on a bar and grab the bed barrier, pulling his head up over the side of the crib which gave me a heart attack
Fry turned six months old this weekend and I'm going to do a post about it, but I've caught his stomach bug, so um... I've gotta go.

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PutYourFlareOn said...

Oh, hon... I hope you feel better soon. Well, it sounds like you have some fun things to add to your list this summer.

I hope I can get around to scrubbing the shower real good before Mrs. B makes her way across the pond. :p