Friday, August 21, 2009


The Good: Whether I'm landing in America or France, I'm always going "home."

The Bad: I still cry every time I get on a plane to come back to France.

The Ugly: Jet lag is a terrible thing to do to a nine month old.

What I miss already

Watching my son and grandmother fall in love with each other
My friends, who will fly from Texas or drive down from DC to visit
My amazing, generous, adorable, hilarious family (especially those that lent us a car for three weeks!)
Stores that are open late / all night / on Sundays
The food (NC barbecue! Mexican! Country fried steak! FRIED OKRA AND HUSHPUPPIES)
Air conditioning

And why I'm glad to be home

A handful of great big projects that Stéph and I will be working on over the coming months (our new motto: Go BIG or go HOME).

More details to come as I get the sleep out of my eyes and get things put away...


Pardon My French said...

It's funny how I now find myself specifying which "home" I am referring to! It's awesome to read about other people's happy vacations "home" with their kids. I had some barbecue and hushpuppies and thought of you! Welcome back, I'd love to hear about those coming projects

Doc said...

YAY for fried okra--I'm drooling.

JChevais said...

What the feck is okra?

Or hushpuppies for that matter?

Vivi said...

Google is your friend!

Okra But most importantly: "Breaded, deep fried okra is served in the southern United States."


Clare said...

Oh I love Okra!

For me, home is where ever my Mum is. Although I call this heap of stones home, it is really in Kent.