Sunday, January 10, 2010

not all it's cracked up to be

It was a very frustrating week at work, not to mention exhausting! Six days on, one day off, six days off and finally three days of rest. Today is the third day and I finally can walk without pain in my back and feet. Not that I'm complaining! It feels great to come home and be tired from working, it's very satisfying. I do quite like my job; unfortunately, it's the people I work with that will eventually send me running.

The problem is that it's a young person's job really; something for those that are not yet tied down with family. It's fine for now, but I'm pretty sure it's not something I'd want to do for the rest of my career. The problem I'm having really is that I'm not getting all of my questions answered about important things that I won't go into here but believe me, are quite shocking that I haven't gotten answers yet. Hopefully some of them will be answered this week, as my boss is back from vacation.

I don't mind telling you that I've gone back to the unemployment website and started sending out resumes again. Just because I've found a job doesn't mean I can't keep looking, right?


SSP said...

been catching up...congrats on the job, and the ability to get up at the BUTT CRACK of dawn . How has Fry adjusted to the nanny?? Happy New Year Vivi

laanba said...

Feel free to keep looking. You don't want to get caught up in a job that is disorganized and this kind of sounds like this one is. Maybe it will get better when the boss gets back. However I think we also reach a certain age (eeek... but not really) where we just don't put up with the stuff that we used to in our youth and there is nothing wrong with that.

The Bold Soul said...

I know you were looking for a job for a long time, and it's really great you found one -- I'll bet that feels very satisfying and I give you so much credit for getting out there in this very different (from what we're used to in America) working environment. I haven't yet had the confidence to try it myself. That being said, if you decide it's not the healthiest place to work (bad coworkers, too stressful and/or not interesting/challenging enough for you), then don't waste time -- do go out and keep looking! The best time to look for a job is when you already have one! And life is too short to stay stuck in a job you hate if you don't absolutely have to.

JChevais said...

It has been my experience that if you aren't getting answers there's a reason. You have to decide whether those reasons matter. Is it just because of disorganisation? Perhaps the only person who could give you the answers (with fear of reprisal) is the boss that went on hols.

Depends on your questions too. When I was working at the société générale, I nearly went mad trying to figure that place out. I kept asking questions and kept getting brushed off onto someone else, who at the end of the line would shrug and say, "I dunno." Dead end. At one point I mentioned to my boss these dead ends and his response was that I had been employed for three months, I should have all the answers by now (insinuating that I was doing something wrong. It should be noted that this boss? DID NOTHING to encourage my integration. When I arrived on the first day, he said hello. No one paid any attention to me AT ALL the first day).

Gods. I guess I'm still bitter.