Wednesday, January 20, 2010

one problem solved...

Some major, major problems at work were resolved yesterday. I was so happy I nearly skipped out of work to my car. I still don't know if this is going to be the long term job for me, and I'm probably going to continue to send out some resumes from time to time in hopes of finding a Monday-Friday job, but I'm totally at peace with work and ready to get on with it. Huge, huge relief there!

Now, the Nanny thing. It turns out that Nounou has contracted Legionellosis, more commonly known as Legionnaires disease. They very nearly waited too long to get medical help and she was in critical condition last we heard, but we're all hoping she makes a full recovery. Stéphane is meeting Mr Nounou this evening to go over some contractual stuff because it will be at least three or four months before she can work again (if she works at all) and we want to get Fry in a stable place that will last at least through the end of the school year. If Nounou is working again after the summer break and I'm still working, we'll probably go back. In the meantime, we've only got a couple of days to find a new nanny.

Meanwhile, Mémère watched Fry Monday and Tuesday, which went off mostly without a hitch. As I mentioned before, we decided that Fry and I would spend the night at Mémère's since I have to be at work so early, but that meant Sunday night I had to struggle with him to settle down and go to sleep. Even if he was a little unruly going to bed, he was a perfect angel with Mémère during the day, much to my relief. Of course, it's easy to be an angel when you get to watch tv and eat cakes all day (I exaggerate but you know), but if you can't spoil grandchildren where's the fun in life, right? I have to admit, it was lovely being only five minutes from work, too. *sigh* If we don't manage to find a Nanny in the next two days, Mémère will watch him again on Friday and then we'll have the weekend to continue our search.

To top off everything else, I'm working on a pretty good head cold. It finally bloomed last night, just in time for two days off. Can't ever catch a break around here!

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