Tuesday, February 23, 2010

in other news...

Man, I am still fighting the rest of this crud with a little bit of a cough and my nose is blocked up again by the time I go to bed. No wonder I'm not sleeping well. It's gonna be another long day and I really need a nap. *sigh*

Anyway, besides me moaning all the time about how hard my job is, there are some good things that have been going on around here, believe it or not! I think I've mentioned it before, but Stéphane started working on his family tree a few months ago. The last two weeks he was on Winter Break, so he decided to take off for Pas-de-Calais on my two days off last week to throw himself into the state archives to see what he could see (fully endorsed by me, of course, that boy never wants to go off and do stuff so I practically threw him out the door!). He spent six hours straight at the archives the first day and followed up at another office the next day before heading back home and he was able to trace his family back to 1671, and he when he got home he found a way that he may be able to get one more generation before that, but that will be for his next trip. Considering that official record-keeping didn't really start in France before 1739, he's doing really well! It seems that his family pretty much always lived in the same village, or within a stone's throw of that village, just until his father joined the army and moved away. Unfortunately, any family still there are pretty distant cousins, though.

So that's some fun news from Stéphane, now here's mine: I finally bought a Wii! I have been coveting the Wii ever since it came out, but it just wasn't a sensible purchase while we were living on one paycheck. So of course, with my first big paycheck I ran straight to the store to snatch one up (and of course, waiting so long to buy one didn't hurt since it was significantly less than it was when it first came out!). Since then, I've been spending a lot of time on that one auction website (you know the one) looking for fun used games and hoping they come to me in playable condition. I'd really love to find a good strategy game that Stéphane and I could play together, if anyone has any suggestions!

Fry is so so happy to be back at the nounou's this week, he wore himself out yesterday running around the house and playing with the other kids. It just reinforces my desire to stay with this crappy job as long as it takes to get into that house where he can run around safely in his own home and even have a garden to run around in. So, you know, every time I complain about how tired I am, just plug in "but it's so worth it" at the end.

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Sue said...

That's really cool about Steph's research for his family tree. I am always interested in hearing about people's family history. As for the Wii...that's great!! My personal favorite is Mario Kart racing. It's really fun. Have fun with it. I also really like the tennis and bowling!