Friday, September 03, 2010

22 months

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was a little busy signing my work contract (bwahahahaha!). More about that later, let's talk Fry!

Poor kiddo, his world really turned upside down this month with the move. He had a few nights where he didn't want to stay in bed but we worked through that, and now he really loves it here, running all over the place. The best part is that we can close doors where he doesn't need to go, even if he's already figuring out how to open them!

The huge discovery this month is that he knows nearly all the letters of the alphabet! Not only does he recognize them (and say them whenever he sees them when we're out of the house) but he has them memorized in order. The only ones he really has trouble with now is L-M-N, the rest he knows but has trouble saying (W is particularly funny!). For now he says them with an American pronunciation, so he finishes with an exuberant "zeeeeeeeeeeeee!" I'm also afraid he thinks that "bravo!" is the last letter of the alphabet!

As for words, we have three: Merci (which still comes out as "ah-see"), Cheese (the most exciting part of lunch, apparently), and Bravo. The only problem is that I discovered just this morning that Cheese is also his word for bread, even though he's known that word for ages now. Hm.

Sadly, it's not all roses around here, as he is swiftly moving into the real Terrible Twos and repeating the same bad behavior over and over again. He favorite bêtise is throwing toys out the windows of our first floor (second for Americans) apartment. Since all the windows are door-sized (with a tall grill so no bodies fall out, thank you) it's really easy for him and he thinks it's hilarious, no matter how many times we punish him. One of these days it will sink in, I hope!


Katia said...

Have you thought about getting stuff to put on the grills outside each window (or at least the most commonly used windows)? You can pick up bamboo sheets or something like that (they come in rolls of sheets), so that nothing can get pushed out? You can pick them up pretty cheaply at places like Leroy Merlin :)

Vivi said...

I don't know about Bamboo (since we're in a co-op I don't know if we can, you know?) but I thought maybe a screen like for mosquitoes - it's see through and I know you can buy it without frames at BricoMarché. But the problem isn't just that he's throwing stuff out the windows, it's a discipline problem in that he knows he shouldn't do it and does it anyway.

Aimee said...

Max used to do this and the toys that he threw out the window never came back. Tough. I know but he stopped pretty quickly when he threw his dou dou out the window. The dou dou came back after a long while later but he pretty much put two and two together toy out the window means it's gone.

Vivi said...

Oooooh Aimee, I like this! The weather's been so mild that we haven't needed to open the windows but if we do again I think this will be our strategy!

La Rêveuse said...

That was my first thought, too, Aimee. You throw it, it's gone. We started that with Rowan (we don't have windows to throw it out of, but if she threw things period, they were taken away) and it worked like a charm.

Good luck, Vivi! The hardest part is resisting caving. ;-)

Samantha Vérant said...

Hi new follower, here. You had me at French Fry.