Thursday, September 09, 2010

a new beginning

My first day of work is tomorrow. I feel like a kid on the night before the first day of school: I've got my outfit picked out and everything. I'm only going for a couple of hours for training in the morning, but everything starts somewhere.

I really want this job to be as cool as it sounds. I could really see myself staying there for many years, maybe even eventually going full time. I'm excited and nervous and my prevailing feeling is, "Please, don't let me f!ck this up."

This month is going to be super hectic. The area of the foundation where I work relies on tourists and follows a tourism high season and low season. This is the last month of the high season but starting next month I'll only work two or three days a week, so we'll only need to put Fry with a nounou one day a week. My MIL has graciously agreed to watch him this month when Stéphane isn't working, so I'm grateful I don't work all day during the week. Fry loves going to Mémère's house but she's not getting any younger and I feel guilty even asking her, but we're so grateful.

Meanwhile, the electrician starting working on the apartment this week! He is amazing, it's obvious why he comes so highly recommended! He works alone but faster than lightening, always cleans up what he's working on (even when he goes home for lunch!), and even locks his equipment up in our closets so Fry can't get to them when he's not here. He's already done the bedrooms, the bathroom & wc, half the hallway and is nearly done with the office. I think next week he's on another project but will come back soon to finish the other half of the apartment. Of course, this means Stéphane will definitely be able to work on the kitchen over the Toussaint break!! That means another trip to IKEA!!!

Man, I can't believe what an IKEA cultist I've become. Ever since we went the first time I keep pouring over the website. The worst is that even Stéphane is loving it now, so when we talk about light fixtures he suggests IKEA. Woohoo! Plus now that the newest IKEA has opened in Reims, it's only an hour away, making it a very easy day trip. Dangerous!!!

So this is why I've been so quiet lately - so much going on! All good stuff, for a change! More news as it happens...


La Rêveuse said...

Yay, Vivi! So proud of you!

Have you discovered their toys yet? The trains are awesome, and Rowan LOVES her igloo tent. Super cheap, too. :)

Chantel said...

Congratulations!! I'm really happy for you!

redsaid said...

Belated congrats from moi aussi! But now I'm terribly curious to know: HOW IS THE NEW GIG GOING?! You're probably too exhausted to blog, but I hope you'll update us soon!