Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The week from hell

Yes, I know, more than a week this time. I have a good excuse, though!

So actually last week passed without incident, if by "without incident" we mean "couldn't leave the house because of the terrible weather for three days so Fry and I drove each other insane." By Friday he was ready to see the back of me as well and nearly pushed me out the door when I dropped him off at Nounou's house. Saturday we were invited to Stéphane's Algerian uncle's house for couscous, which was very delicious, but am disappointed that Fry didn't seem to care much for it (this from the kid that eats nearly anything). We even went to the massive home improvement store and picked out paint and tiles for the kitchen, which we want to tackle over the Christmas break.

However, this week is not going so awesome. The car's been giving some trouble, in the area of the clutch, so I called the garage Monday and he said I could bring it in right away. He wanted to do a quick drive to see what's wrong and he didn't even get out of the parking lot - dead clutch and we're damned lucky it didn't drop out on the road to Troyes or back. The rest of Monday was spent pushing Fry around in a stroller running errands that couldn't wait in below freezing weather.

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment that I'd already rescheduled once and didn't want to put off until the New Year, so Fry and I took the bus to Troyes, which meant we basically spent the entire day at my MIL's home, as the only bus that comes back is at 5:30. Mémère had the pleasure of witnessing Fry's new superpower: Extreme Anger Freakout. It's very impressive in person. Then we got back and went straight to the garage, which is helpfully across the street from the bus stop. Goodbye 600€.

Did I mention that I've been sick since Friday? And that it culminated with my throat hurting so bad last night that every time I took a breath it felt like needles stabbing me?

So. Today I get a little break. I slept until 9 (bliss!), Stéphane has taken Fry with him to the school so I can have a little precious time to myself, and then this afternoon I'll take him with me to the grocery. Which will be fun because we've supposedly got a huge snowstorm coming our way. Good times. Hopefully I get enough rest today because I've picked up a day's work tomorrow and am scheduled for Friday and Saturday, when I'm supposed to give a presentation. HA HA!!

So... how's your week?

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