Monday, September 13, 2004

Next Stop, Opera House

I love the french translation of in-laws. Your mother-in-law is your belle mère, your father-in-law is your beau père, etc. It's really optimistic, isn't it?

So my belle soeur (that'll be sister-in-law) Isabelle called this evening with some interesting news. Saturday night she invited me to visit the local music conservatory to audition for their chorale. Since she's in the teaching community here in Troyes, she knows all these teaching-type people, so we were going to go Wednesday afternoon to speak to the director. The news this evening was that she spoke to the director today, and going on Wednesday won't be necessary; we're invited to join the chorale for rehearsal Thursday night, and we'll just have to sing for the director after the rehearsal to make sure we can carry a tune in a bucket.

Geez, next thing you know I'll have a whole routine or something. (not bad for 2 weeks out, eh?)

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