Sunday, September 04, 2005

summer's last gasp

Thanks everyone, for your lovely comments on my last post! Like I said, that's the best gift I could have received, and like I suspected, saw some new names there. I'm looking forward to popping over to your places, so please remember I like sugar in my tea, mkay?

In other news, summer just will not die. Not a cloud in the sky and just hot, hot, hot. We tried to beat the heat a little by visiting a museum - the last museum I hadn't visited in Troyes, the Musee De Vauluisant. The building itself was built in the 16th century and expanded upon during the next two centuries, and features the history of Troyes and the history of the textile industry. The textile exhibits were interesting, but I was particularly struck by a painting of Troyes from the 16th century which features the cathedral, which I walk by at least twice a week. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that there are buildings here that are older than my home country. Also, Troyes is well known for its stained glass windows, and there is a nice exhibit of it there, along with paintings by Troyienne artists and an exhibit of painted tiles.

Oh, and I almost forgot, since today is the first Sunday of the month, this museum, like all the national museums, was free. Don't you just love that? Free culture once a month. Good stuff, my friends.

And finally, yes, I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm afraid I'll jinx it and I may have already said too much (paranoid much?), so I will divulge all tomorrow evening. Just wish me luck with an extra dose of confidence, and I think I'll be ok.

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