Monday, June 05, 2006

a calm weekend

Steph is celebrating not having to work by going to school and working. What is it about going to the office (or the school, in this case) that is so appealing when you don't have to be there? As he walked out the door this morning, he said he was looking forward to running into his (apparantly not very pleasant) boss, who would then read him the riot act for being late, after which Steph would gleefully tell her that he doesn't even have to be there. Ah, Office Politics, how I do miss thee.

Friday night Steph suggested that we go fishing on Saturday, which involves driving about 45 minutes away and paying for an afternoon of fishing in a couple of stocked ponds. Alas, Steph slept till 11:00 and I didn't feel much like leaving the house so we called it off, which was a shame because it really was a perfect day to spend outside - considerably warmer than the last three weeks and mostly sunny.

Yesterday we had lunch at the in-laws with Steph's younger sister C. and her boyfriend J. where we learned that C. is not, in fact, carrying a boy, but a girl, who will say hello to the world some time around the middle of October. Good thing I hadn't started making anything for the new arrival, though to be fair, since I don't knit or crochet, anything I make would really be for either/or unless I stitch BOY! BOY! BOY! on it.

So now it's Monday and the house looks like the pantry and all the closets vomited all over the place. Why is it that one day your house is nice and clean and the very next day crap springs up everywhere like so many weeds?

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