Thursday, June 29, 2006

why i feel yucky

There are various and sundry reasons why, when issues stemming around something very personal, like health, pop up, I do not blog about them. Some of these reasons include:

1. Nunya.
2. I don't want to put my family in a panic just because I feel a cold coming on.
3. The name of this blog is Dispatches From France, not Dispatches From My Left Fallopian Tube.

That being said, I have been feeling quite low for the last couple of weeks and after a visit to the doctor this week, it seems this is going to go on for a bit. Long story short: my period was late, I felt crappy, but a home pregnancy test said I'm baby-free. My doctor has ordered blood tests and a sonogram to see what my ovaries are up to. I've just received the blood test results, and it seems that, despite the fact that we have cut out many high-fat foods from our diet, my cholesterol is climbing. The sonogram is scheduled for next week.

In any case, I always swore that when we do start a family (whether children are issued forth from my loins or not), I would do what I can to keep this from being a "Mommy" blog (or at least keep posts to how raising a family in France is different in my world view), and the inverse of that is I will do what I can to not make this into a "Waaaah My Uterus Doesn't Work!" blog as well. This is because that's not why you come to visit me and also because I don't really want my comments box filled up with "Don't worry! You're sooooo gonna get pregnant!" messages. I know they are well meaning but in the end are really insensitive.

Meanwhile, I am trying to live my day-to-day while feeling like crap and trying to psychologically prepare myself for some really serious questions that may need answering. I am dealing with it the best I can and will hopefully stop gazing at my navel long enough to post about other things going on as well.

So, erm.... how about the French, eh? Allez les bleus!

Update: I'm such an idiot! My cholesterol has actually dropped over a whole point!! Yay!!! So my heart isn't going to explode after all!

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