Saturday, February 10, 2007

paris hurts my wallet

Good gracious I'm beat. I guess constantly walking across Paris for a few days will do that to a person. Man, I had such a great time, though!!

I arrived Wednesday afternoon chez Flare, just in time for some lunch. Afterwards, we were visited by this charming young man - what a heartbreaker! Then we went across town to the Bon Marché, where the cashier relieved me of the heavy burden of all the cash I had on me (the knitting obsession? alive and well, thankyouverymuch). After a quick stop at the épicerie across the street (cheddar! root beer!), we headed back home, where I made my favorite new recipe, chicken noodle casserole. Hey, I figure that if I've got free room and board for a visit to the City of Light, the least I can do is whip up a little casserole, right?

Thursday was a very exciting day, because we met up with the dashingly handsome Mickelino! We traded our life stories over delicious Korean delicacies and if time permitted I think we could have chatted for hours and hours. I have been a huge fan of his blog for ages now, so it was a real thrill to finally meet him face to face. Thursday evening, after accompanying Flare to an English lesson (wow, what a fun and innovative teacher she is!), I made my debut at a weekly knitting circle! Oh my goodness - knitting, gossip and snacks - who knew it could be so fun? I finished my first project there, but you'll have to be a little patient for that as pictures are forthcoming. Anyway, it was a virtual who's who of Paris' knitting bloggers: She was there, as well as her and her! (I didn't leave someone out, did I?)

Yesterday, Flare had a prenatal class, so I went back to Bon Marché, because I am, in fact, a glutton for punishment, and then I got on a packed train and came home.

And I. Am. Exhausted. Good grief, three days doing actual normal things like going shopping and visiting with friends and I am wiped! I must get back into the habit of actually going on walks and such. This is ridiculous. Plus, I only have three days before I leave and I have so much to do, I don't even know where to start. So, if I can get my head on straight, I will take some photos of what I'm working on and what goodies I picked up to feed the knitting monster.

Also: I was forced to switch to the new Blogger thingie today. I hope the page looks ok, because I honestly don't have time to futz with it.

Also also: I would like to extend an enormous THANK YOU to all of you that I meet up with for your hospitality, your kindness and your friendship. Please make me do this more often - it's good for my sanity! If I missed you on this go-around, don't worry, I think there will be more sanity visits in the future!

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