Monday, February 19, 2007

vivi lives!

Yes, yes, all is well. I'm in a public library which offers free internet access, but I've only got an hour so I've got to make this quick so I can check my email and try to take a peek at what my fellow bloggers are up to.

Anyway, things are rolling along. I was extremely lucky coming through Philly last Tuesday, as my flight had been canceled but I managed to get on an earlier flight. I ran through two concourses to get to my plane, where they shut the door right behind me and where we sat on the plane at the gate waiting for the snow, which by then had turned to sleet, to ease up so we could take off. Two hours later and a quick run through the de-icing procedure and we were on our way. The icing on the cake was discovering that my luggage had been thrown on the same plane as well and I actually arrived at Charlotte around the same time I was supposed to arrive in the first place, so I didn't have long to wait for my sister.

I celebrated Valentine's Day at the weekly church supper with my Grandmother, her sister and their friends, which is exactly how I'd choose to spend it, provided I'm in a different country from my husband. Hope y'all got some love last week!

Saturday night I got my drink on with some of my best friends from college (one of whom drove six hours just for the occassion!). I consumed way more red wine than I thought was possible but the company was beyond excellent and, as is southern tradition, we recovered the next day by sopping up any leftover alcohol with a good greasy breakfast (at noon).

Well, that's my first week here. This week will be much more stressful, with all the preperations of the huge "moving sale" at Dad's house Saturday. I spent most of the day at the house going through boxes and slapping price tags on items, and I've barely scratched the surface. Hopefully the calvary will be coming in soon to give me a hand. Y'all have a great week and I'll update when I can!

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