Monday, March 12, 2007

a bit of a ramble

I've actually been quite busy these last few days. The interesting thing is that, unlike usually, it is a busy-ness of my own doing, with a kind of "take the bull by the horns" attitude. It's a nice change, really.

The first few days back were spent mostly getting over jet lag and unpacking and just spending time with the hubby (this often involves a couple of computers but we're nerdy like that). Friday night we went to my brother-in-law's home for dinner, where we ate fish ("So, do you like fish?" Steph: "Yes!" Vivi: "Er...") but in a totally new (to me) way that at least made it entertaining. It was kind of the same idea as raclette, only it was a dish of boiling bouillabaisse which you dipped a morsel of raw fish into and helped yourself to the steaming veggies on top of the contraption. Way healthier, but not nearly as fun as raclette. Anyway, that was a good visit, and I seemed to have benefited from my three weeks outside of France as I was actually able to spit out a real conversation.

Saturday was just a lovely lazy day that went by way too fast, and then Sunday we had guests! Doc and family came by for an afternoon visit, and lucky for us the weather was perfect! Blue skies and just cool enough for a cardigan, we took a saunter down to the park and had a good chat while Doc's oldest took command of all the playground. After a snack and a chat around the table, we sent them on their way with promises to return the favor next weekend.

Today, Steph headed back to work after his two week winter break and I got down and dirty with some cleaning supplies and a sponge in the bathroom. Nothing like chemical fumes to say "Welcome Home!" I'd love to bitch about having to clean, but the truth is it was kind of nice to get myself in gear so fast (what the hell is wrong with me?). After lunch, I absconded with the car and went grocery shopping in Troyes. I had just enough time to put everything away and knit a little while watching a tv show that I may or may not have downloaded (thanks again Flare!) before going to pick up Steph from work. I think the continued gorgeous weather got the better of Steph, however, because I passed him walking home! Well, he looked like he was having such a nice walk that I passed him on the way back and let him finish up his walk! Meh, don't fret, it's only a fifteen minute walk in the first place, it was good for him!

The wackiest thing of all is simply this: I feel really, really good. Ever since I came home, I've felt like I'm really ready to make a plan of what I'm going to do with my life here and I'm even taking steps to achieve it. Maybe I just needed to get this business of Dad's house behind me, or maybe it's just as little as this beautiful weather we're seeing right now, but I'm looking towards the future with a hopeful heart, ready for the work that lies ahead. I've got tons of little crafty projects lined up to keep me entertained and while I'm making plans to take over the world take control of my future, I'm taking pride in the little things I do everyday to make this home a happy one. I am HAPPY!

And then I look at the calendar and see that it's only five months since Dad died. Then I kind of feel guilty for feeling like this. Is this even normal? What the heck is wrong with me?!

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