Sunday, March 25, 2007

yet another knitting post

Yes, I'm aware that I am in grave danger of turning this into a knitting blog, and I assure you that this is not at all my intention. Luckily, I may have another outlet for blathering on about my new obsession at my disposal soon, so please bear with me. If you're not at all a knitter, please go on down to the end of the post - I could still use some great advice!

It's finished!

I don't know how I did it, but at 11:00pm Friday night I actually finished up this sucker! I left the weaving to do in the morning and laid my weary head to rest. I cannot believe I flew through five skeins of yarn in less than a week! I have to tell you though, knitting with such a short deadline really sucks the fun out of it and I'll be sure to avoid that in the future whenever possible.

Papa's scarf

My mother-in-law really liked the dishcloths I made. I'm so glad these went to a good home - they're really fun to knit but I'm more of a sponge person than a dishcloth person.

When my father-in-law came in and settled into his armchair, Steph prodded me on to present the scarf. "J'ai une p'tite chose que j'ai fait pour ton anniversaire*," I said smiling as I presented it. "Une p'tite chose," he repeated, as he unfolded it. "Une p'tite chose, eh?" he laughed as he unfolded it again to its full five feet in length. He thanked me and set it aside, and it was over in an instant, but I think he really liked it.

So now I'm moving on...
Click the photo to see a bigger version

This is a swatch of yarn that I'd like to use for my next project. This is Patons Classic Wool Merino in "Denim Marl" and was destashed to me by my knitting guide. I've got three skeins of 223 yards each. I've been thinking about using it to try my first project in the round. My first thought was to try a placket neck baby sweater, but I'm afraid that with 100% wool it may be too itchy for a wee one. Then I thought maybe I could try my luck with an easy hat, but then I thought that it may be too itchy for delicate heads such as my own.

So that's where you come in: what do you think this yarn should be when it grows up?

* "I have a little something I made for your birthday."

Update: Late last night I thrust the swatch at Steph and asked him if he thought it would be too itchy for a baby, and he said no, but what the hell do we know? If anybody out there is familiar with Patons Classic Merino, could you please tell me what you think? Thankee!

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