Thursday, March 08, 2007

the fastest day ever

Man, today just flew by. I slept about 12 hours last night, thanks to jet lag, and of course now I'm not tired at all. But I digress - Today I caught up on some of my internet obsessions (blogs, photos, webcomics), went to the grocery and the post office (my mirror is already here!) and unpacked some more. Here's a few of the things I brought back:

My first finished knitting project!
misty scarf
I started it the day I arrived and worked on it an hour or two every night, which was cool because that was mostly "hanging out with Grandma watching tv" time. I got it done just in time to wear it to Boston!

The best surprise ever!
granny squares
I found these granny squares while unpacking a mirror that had been boxed up for ten years. Mom had used knitting for packing materials! She was so resourceful. Heaven only knows how old they are, but they were done in good old acrylic (!!), so they're not falling apart anytime soon. I'm gonna have to do some research on granny square afghans so I can learn how to put it all together!

More yarn stash!
new stash!
I bought Stitch and Bitch Nation while I was over there and I picked out a few projects that I could buy yarn for and bring home with me. Here you see big ole skeins of wool that will one day be a messenger bag, and some really lovely soft Merino wool that's going to become a scarf with a basket weave pattern. The needle case comes from my new friend Lenore's store, Rave Knits (I've linked her Myspace page since the web site seems to be under construction) in Concord, NC. By the way, if you're in the area, She has got an incredible array of yarn in her shop, not to mention that it's a really comfy place to kick back and knit - I highly recommend it. If you stop by, be sure to tell Lenore that Vivi said "Hey!"

And finally...
rainy Boston
I uploaded some Boston pics! So I arrived in Boston on Thursday afternoon, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and all was well, albeit cold and wet, on Friday, as we ran some errands in the rain and I snapped photos from the comfort of the car. But we made a fatal error in our choice of meals for lunch, because either my won ton soup or the crab rangoon tasted really fantastic on the way down, but hurt like a bitch on the way back up about six hours later. We had managed to make it to Windsor Button to buy the yarn before I started feeling wonky and it went right downhill from there. Saturday morning I felt well enough for the drive to Salem (woo witches!), armed with Gatoraide, and we did manage to do a little sightseeing, though I had to take numerous breaks (for sitting down; my digestive tract was in too much shock to do anything else). We made it back to Boston to visit the Coolest Vintage Store Ever (and it's probably a damn good thing I felt so bad or I would have torn that place apart, it was so damn awesome!) before going to a really amazing restaurant called The Blue Room (where I ate exactly two leaves of lettuce and a piece of bread. This sucked most of all because Carrie had made the reservations before I arrived and we all really wanted to go). Anyway if you're looking for a great restaurant in the Cambridge area, check it out - it's definitely a casual chic kind of place and the menu was super interesting. Finally, on Sunday, I managed to eat a pancake or two before we went to Harvard Square for a last round of shopping and a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art (of Divine Fart mural fame). It is absolutely criminal that I forgot my camera in the car, because while photos are expressly forbidden in the galleries, it was an unbelievably gorgeous afternoon and the museum offers some spectacular views. Ah well, maybe one day I'll get a second chance. Then it was straight to the airport, back to NC and of course now here I am.

As always, you can click on the photos to be swept away to my flickr feed, where you can see more photos of Boston. Now I've got to figure out how to tire myself out so I can get back on a decent sleep schedule!

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