Saturday, May 03, 2008

a confession (and an introduction)

The time has come, my dear readers, to make something of a public confession. These last two months I have been keeping a secret from you. This is certainly the hardest secret I've had to keep in my life, but it is neither unusual nor particularly negative in its secrecy. I can only hope that the introduction of a new character here in the DfF world will make up for it.

Ladies and gents, I give you French Fry:

French Fry

French Fry is currently gestating in my lower abdominal region, as he has these last thirteen weeks, and plans are being made for his appearance outside my body sometime in the beginning of November. I should note that while I do refer to French Fry as "he," we don't know yet if he is a He or a She. I just prefer "he" to "it." And while it looks like French Fry is doing the Funky Chicken in his first photo sent out in the world, this is only because he moved around so much during his most recent photo session (yesterday) that this was the best of the lot. A baby that can't sit still? Definitely my kid.

As most of you know of our struggles, you can imagine how thrilled we are! I hope I won't bore you all to tears about our impending parenthood, and if nothing else I can shed some insight into what this process is like in France as opposed to what I remember from the American experience (albeit anecdotal since I never had a child there).

Next time I'll have more about what I've really been doing these last couple of months.

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