Wednesday, May 14, 2008

meanwhile, outside my womb....

Oh, hello. So I did promise to talk about things other than the petite frite, so let me share what else has been going on.

This last week we've had something of a heat wave (for May, anyway), with highs reaching about 26°C (right around 79°F). Sounds like heaven, doesn't it? Except that we don't have air conditioning and our apartment faces full west, meaning it turns into a nice little hot box every afternoon. One afternoon I'm sure the bedroom got up to 85° when Stéph opened the shutter in the bedroom thinking he'd let in more air but only let in a total beat down of afternoon sunshine. Otherwise we've managed to keep the place livable through a complicated schedule of opening and closing shutters and clever use of oscillating fans. I am so very happy that we've got rain coming - not that the weather hasn't been gorgeous and we did manage to get out and enjoy it, but I was afraid that the temp would just keep climbing.

Since I can't stand the heat of the office in the afternoon (thanks to two computers running when Stéph is home all day), I've been retreating to the much cooler downstairs and camping in front of the tv. I'm very happy to report that I've finally got my knitting mojo back. I've finished a sock (yes, just the one, but I'm casting on the other one tonight!) and I'm also working on a gift for a little girl that was born three months ago, which means I am terribly behind. I'm also going to start cross stitching again with two or three projects in mind.

We are also starting to think seriously about what we need to bring to Spain. Stéph came home from work yesterday and said that they got a message from the Spanish hosts that we are expected to bring bathing suits for an afternoon at the beach. Besides the fact that I have a deep desire to apologize in advance to the people of Spain, I also need to go buy a bathing suit, since mine no longer fits. I'm embarrassed to say that I look like I'm about two months further along than I am so it looks like it's going to be a maternity suit for me. At least if it has little babies and crap on it, I'll look more pregnant than fat, right? Right?? *sigh*

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