Monday, May 26, 2008


We are back safe and sound, though a little worse for wear. Our program was so stuffed to the gills that I noticed on Friday night that my feet had started to swell and by the time we were in the shuttle home from the airport yesterday my hand had started to swell as well. After a four hour nap yesterday afternoon and staying awake for a couple of hours to eat some take out before crashing for another eleven hours, I'm feeling a little more human this morning.

That being said, je ne regrette rien, as they say. The Costa del Sol is an amazing area and I'm so glad to have discovered it, even if it was in this rapid fire way. I have so many good memories and can't wait to share pictures and stories, but first I need to find a balance between getting to the grocery, starting laundry, going through the papers that need to be turned in to the school and resting, as the swelling keeps threatening to return. Bear with me and I'll be back to share very soon!

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