Monday, October 06, 2008

getting ready

Last week absolutely flew by so fast I barely saw it go. It pretty much left me gasping for air on the couch all weekend, thanks to Stéph who pretty much pointed to the couch and said, "lay down and stay there." Honestly some days I would push myself into the ground if he weren't there to stop me.

Tuesday was my second pre-natal class. We were down to two moms (apparently mom #3 has some physical challenges that tend to keep her close to home, which may explain why she didn't call or anything... we'll find out if she shows up for tomorrow's class). We basically just talked about biology - placenta, cervix, etc. Pretty basic stuff but I still learned a few things. Next class is about epidurals (yay!) and episiotomies (boo).

Wednesday was my doctor's appointment. He's not totally convinced that the baby is as big as the ultrasound says and I thought he was trying to scratch my nose from the inside while looking for French Fry's head (Pro Tip: if you're having breech issues, why not try the ultrasound first?) but other than that all is well. In fact my blood pressure was even a little low, which is a first for me. He is sending me off for a scan of baby vs. pelvis measurements, which will happen next week.

Thursday I had my appointment at the anesthesiologist's. At one point I tripped over my tongue, which I often do when I'm tired (it's worse in French, obviously) and she said, "That's ok, I totally understand, I'm German!" We had a good laugh about the fact that foreigners tend to understand each other better when speaking a common but not native language (well, that's my experience, anyway). She also told me that of the five anesthesiologists on staff at the clinic, only one is French-born. Anyway, we just went over the procedure for an epidural, what happens in worst case scenarios, what to expect, etc.

Before I went home I met my MIL at one of the baby outlet shops to pick up a few last minute things for French Fry's room: a crib bumper that I got at a ridiculously good price, some crib sheets, a changing pad, and I finally got a diaper bag (which wasn't my first choice, but meh, it's just a diaper bag fer crissakes). Nearly everything has been washed and put away so hopefully I'll actually have some pictures to share here in the next couple of days.

This week I have a pre-natal class tomorrow afternoon and another on Saturday morning (the first one Stéph will attend) and tomorrow I have to go to the lab and other than that I'm going to try actually resting and not running around like a madwoman for a change. I know we're getting down to the end now and I think I would like to follow everyone's advice and finally rest while I still can!

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