Monday, October 13, 2008

photos, finally!

I finally took some photos of everything that's changed upstairs! I've also linked "before" photos and placed notes on the pictures on their pages on flickr, so if you're interested you can click through to check those out.


The first big change heading upstairs is the hallway. We had originally planned on putting my small armoire in FF's room, but when we realized it wouldn't fit, we used the small dresser that used to be here in the hallway instead. This turned out perfect as we ended up with these pieces of furniture that we couldn't find a home for downstairs. Now we have a great place to put family photos and souvenirs and it looks great.


We desperately needed storage space! Whether it was my yarn stash or just things that made their way over after my parents died, we had a lot of boxes just lying around, especially in our bedroom, which didn't make it a nice place to hang out. The new armoire doesn't hold clothes, but all those things that needed a home. Moving the bookcase from the office to our room worked perfectly as well, though you can see we can use another one. We have even more books, not to mention tons of photo albums, lurking in hiding places around the house!

And of course, what you've all been waiting for...

French Fry's room

Here's FF's room as you walk in the door, and as you pan to the right...

French Fry's room

When I showed Stéph the finished product, he said, "Oh, there's no toys!!" It's true; we've been so concerned about having everything that we need that toys just haven't come into the equation yet. I'm sure they will, eventually.

Oh, and see the two suitcases? Yep, that's for the maternity. Here's the list of what I'm supposed to bring:

2 or 3 PJs
1 bathrobe
1 pair of slippers
towels, washcloths, toiletries
1 package disposable undies
1 aerosol water bottle (which I haven't found and am not that worried about)
feminine hygiene products
2 breastfeeding bras
breastfeeding pads (yep, we're breastfeeding!)

And for the baby...

6 onesies
2 wool sweaters
4 PJs
4 bibs
4 pairs of socks or booties
1 baby hat
1 baby cover/sleep sack
3 baby towels
1 hair brush
1 rectal thermometer
body gel/shampoo
1 warm outfit for leaving the maternity

And this doesn't include day wear for me (I want to bring some tshirts and such) and I want to bring one knitting project (if I don't bring it, I'll wish I had it, and if I do bring it, I'll probably never touch it, so I know I can't win either way!).

If this seems like a lot, that's because in France you usually stay about four days for a natural birth and up to a week for a C section.

Speaking of which, I hit 37 weeks today! In America I'd be considered full term but I think here that doesn't happen until next week. This afternoon I have my pelvic scan and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I really do have "birthin' hips". More news as it happens!

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