Friday, October 24, 2008

no news is.... really annoying

No, no baby yet, sorry. French Fry has definitely dropped, though whether he's actually turned around is anyone's guess (personally I'm guessing no). I am officially tired of being pregnant and would like nothing more than to have this baby out of me. Since he could show up any moment, I'm trying not to get caught in the trap of putting things off, so this weekend I'm still planning on doing a little baking and trying this method of making chicken stock (I bought a rotisserie chicken today at the marché for lunch that still has plenty of meat on). Stéph started his fall break (called Toussaint for the All Saint's Day holiday on the 1st) tonight so we're really hoping The Fry shows up while he's still on vacation!

We got the cutest package today from our friends Dana and Brian which included a copy of Goodnight Moon and this really fun book called Let's Dance, Little Pookie. Dana also has mad cross stitchin' skillz so we have some gorgeous embroidered burp cloths and bibs as well. Thanks, sistafriend!

Also, we had our second to last pre-natal class this week, in which we tried out different laboring positions and practiced breathing. It sounds like the clinic we're going to is pretty open about listening to our wishes about positions and interventions, at least in comparison to the hospital, but it seems it also depends on the midwives and OB/GYNs that are on staff when you arrive. So we'll see! The last class was scheduled for Thursday but was bumped back to Monday evening.

I'm pretty sleepy this evening so I'll end here. Don't worry if I don't post - I'm having trouble getting motivated to get online but when French Fry does decide to show up, my sister will put up a post (though not with his real name; he will still be called Fry here!). Thanks for all the good wishes we've received this week, they are much appreciated!

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