Monday, February 02, 2009

3 months old!

Fry is three months old today! What a huge difference one month can make. Everything has changed! We've finally got to a point that I though we'd never reach: not only is Fry sleeping through the night (for twelve hours at a stretch!), but he's really on a schedule during the day, getting up at the same time and basically eating at the same times. He still sleeps between meals, but the naps can last anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, so he's really teaching me to be flexible (something I've always had trouble with!).

Fry is starting to really be interested in the world around him. He knows Stéph and I on sight, and will either smile or wave his arms when he sees us - especially first thing in the morning! Unfortunately, he doesn't know his grandparents very well yet. I left him with Mémère and Pépère one afternoon to run some errands and he screamed for 45 minutes and wouldn't even eat! That was when we knew that things were really starting to change.

Toys are starting to hold his attention, too. Right now he likes to play with his Sophie giraffe and his froggie rattle (thanks again for that, Dana!). I think his favorite thing to play with is the ties on the diaper basket on his changing table! He also likes to watch me knit (poor me, right?) and, much to my dismay, Stéph play online. Our new toy is the webcam, so his Aunt Nini can see him and he can look at the little boy on the computer screen.

Overall, Fry is a happy, smiley boy and he teaches me something everyday. I hope he still likes me after his first vaccinations this week, though...

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