Friday, February 13, 2009


Remember when I said nothing was going on? I just updated my template (finally) and lost about everything that was in my sidebars. So that's nice. Ah well, I was looking for something to do this afternoon, anyway. I also decided to let the Haloscan comments go. That means my comments are starting from zero but as long as the Haloscan website is around, I can still read the comments my Mom left the first few months I blogged (which was the only reason I never switched back anyway).

So how many people remember that this was my very first template four and a half years ago?

Update: You should be able to subscribe Dispatches From France in your favorite reader now! Hurrah!!


Lesley said...

Wow, sure looks different around here!

Daisy said...

I don't remember that long ago! I came around the time of the first blogger exchange -- what was it called?? Where we US'ers sent goodies to you expatriates ---

ViVi said...

Oh Daisy, that wasn't long after I started blogging at all!! I wish I had the courage to try another exchange, I think we ended up with quite a few disappointed people, unfortunately. Ah! It was called GIBSE: The Great International Secret Blog Exchange. Thank you so much for sticking around!

Tomate Farcie said...

Wow, look at that template!!! Looks really good! I wish I could do stuff like that. I tried to "fix" the template on my photoblog (well, what I call my photoblog)and messed it up really good!

Thanks for your visit to my blog and your recent comment. You mentioned that everything is closed at 9:00 p.m. and nobody speak English. Sounds like you've ended up in the country (en province). I lived in a town about 65 KM from Paris for a couple of years and it was exteremely boring. Paris is a little different in that regard.

I think it's all about trade off's really.