Friday, February 13, 2009

ho hum

Hi there. Not much going on, I'm afraid to report.

I've been a little concerned this week that Fry's fussiness has been more than just colic, so I finally went to see the sage femme this morning. She calmed a lot of my fears and gave me a few suggestions, some I'll take (going to the pharmacy this afternoon to see if they having anything with fennel I can add to water for Fry between bottles) and some I won't (I just can't get into taking Fry to the chiropractor, sorry). I can't wait until the weather is better so we can start taking him outside more. I can't help but think he's got cabin fever as bad as I do...

Yesterday I booked a hotel for two nights and I can't wait to go on our first family vacation! It's going to be the weekend that Fry turns four months old. We're going somewhere I haven't been before and we're in for plenty of sightseeing.

That's pretty much all the news going on around here. I haven't even really been knitting very much. I think the winter blahs finally got me. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but roll on Spring!


Clare said...

Once he starts on solids it will go. DD was exactly the same. I hardly slept for the middle 2 months. Nothing did any good - just lots of water in between milk feeds and try not to let him glug it down. Tell him it's not Pastis, yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and another thing that may be of help. Change the teat to one with more holes.

Mrs C said...

Wait. Did she say 'chiropracticien' or 'ostéopathe'?

Ostéopathes really can help babies. Something about relieving pressure caused by the stress of birth.

DCjosh said...

I understand your reluctance to take little fry to the chiro (most of the moms I help expect some type of karate move complete with screaming and fist pumping) But if there is something out of place in his yet-to-bonify spine, all the fennel in the world won't help. I love Champagne btw, we backpacked through there years ago. Troyes is the most beautiful town I've even been in.

ViVi said...

Clare, we have tried once, but it was too fast for him. We'll have to try again here soon, though!

Mrs C, yeah, it was an ostéopath. I dunno, it just seems kind of weird! I mean, do you really think he's still stressed out about it three months later?

DCjosh, hm, that's the second vote I've had for it... I'll definitely give it some more thought. It's not the karate chops I mind (I mean, I have been to a chiro before! lol), I don't know, the idea of taking a three month old to see one seems a little excessive for some reason... I do love Troyes, I wish we still lived there, I loved walking around that city!!

Mrs C said...

It may not be a stress that we can understand when we say stress. Dude, the birth so totally stressed me out that I just can't get it off my mind! ;-)

No, it could be mispositioned joints or muscles which can cause discomfort. A massage in the right spot and bam! back in the saddle.

You may want to consult an ostéopath yourself. Kilian's birth messed up my innards, putting everything in the wrong spot and causing me constant headaches! The ostéopath really helped put everything back where it's supposed to be.

The Late Bloomer said...

I totally agree with Jenn here, Vivi! (Hey there, BTW -- I'm trying to gradually ease back into the blogging world again...) I actually took Emma to see an ostéopath twice, probably when she was about 2 months old and then a bit later on, at about 4 months I think. I had been given advice about ostéopaths several times, by several people with small children, and told that they can do exactly what Jenn said: ease some things back into the right places to make the baby more comfortable, have less stomach/digestive problems, etc. Emma really suffered through birth and delivery, and there were also forceps involved, so I was a bit concerned about this. The ostéo reassured me and even if I don't have any clear "evidence" of results from what he did, I'm glad I went anyway. I didn't want Emma to have any issues relating to it later on.

Of course the best thing is to locate an ostéo who has experience with working with wee ones! The guy I saw was great, very gentle and careful and you could tell he was very experienced. But heck, in the end, you may not even need one!