Tuesday, April 14, 2009

cross that one off the list

Last week I did something else I swore I'd never do: I bought sunglasses for Fry. I just kept thinking what a ridiculous waste it was. I never wore sunglasses as a baby, and I haven't gone blind or anything! Well, ok, that's not true, I did wear them at least once:

ahead of my time
Totally ahead of my time.
Now get off my lawn!

But in the last few weeks, we've been having a lot of sun (that tells you a lot about the winter weather in northeastern France - up until a few weeks ago we hadn't seen the sun since Fry was born!) and I noticed that on our walks, Fry would suddenly jerk every time his face hit full sun. I was instantly reminded of being a small child and feeling like a thousand daggers were stabbing my blue eyes whenever I got a bit of sun in them. Of course, Fry has his Papa's blue-grey eyes and I know all too well how he feels.

So I did it, and now he's got the teeniest tiniest pair of sunglasses you ever did see with a UV rating. The best part is that he doesn't do the jerk when the sun hits his face. Now he's just got to learn to not take the glasses off when we hit a shadowy patch and chew on them or else he's going to get the daggers again!


Mary Ann said...

My daughter has put sunglasses on my grandson since he was a month old. He is fair skinned, blue eyed and redheaded. Now at two when we say we are going outside he goes and gets his sunglasses and a hat. Wise little ones. Love your blog and your knitting news, just wish we could see Fry.

La Rêveuse said...

As another blue-eyed girl, I hear you. I bought some for Rowan and she wore them her first year (at less than 2 months old), but last year was a no-go (just keeping a hat on her was like running a marathon). This year, she's getting more into clothes and hats and shoes and glasses, so I think it just might work.

For me, Paris in the summer is agony because of all the pale stone and sand and the white, bright light. It hurts!!! Sunglasses are a must.

Can't wait to see the photos! Nothing cuter than a little spud in some rockin' shades.

PutYourFlareOn said...

I have to see Fry in sunglasses! Not sure if it will top you as a baby in those glasses. That photo is awesome! :)

The Bold Soul said...

It's not just the babies who need sun protection for their eyes. Last weekend at Versailles when it was so warm and sunny, my 7-year-old step-son was whining and complaining all during our al fresco lunch about the sun glare... and he had his back to the sun, and doesn't even have blue eyes. (I'd have given him my own sunglasses but I hadn't thought to bring them!) We'll have to get him some new cool shades and remember to bring them when we go out someplace from now on.

I agree with Aimee though... your photo was totally adorable, and so in fashion (those big glasses are back "in" again).

fashion survivor said...

My eyes are pretty sensitive to light . . . and they're dark brown.