Friday, April 10, 2009

reality check

Last weekend, a close friend of Stéph's and his partner welcomed a little girl into the world. The problem is that she arrived much too early - she was at 28 weeks and three days. All this week I've been doing what anyone with a few extra bits of yarn would do: making preemie hats. They're being sent off in the mail today.

All this week I've been giving Fry extra cuddles. Stéph and I are reminded again and again how lucky we are. The problems I had after Fry's birth pale in comparison to what our friends are going through now. I tend to be a detail freak and worry myself to death over unimportant things, and this has been a reminder that I need to let those things go. So what if Fry's gone off the charts for his weight, that's going to sort itself out when he starts moving on his own. Even when he's been fussy because he's teething and I have to say it through gritted teeth, my mantra all week has been "we're so lucky we're so lucky we're so lucky."

Our friend said in an email that every day is a victory. This week I'm remembering that every day is a gift.


afoos said...

It is definitely a reality check when we see other children suffering and ours are healthy, but that doesn't stop us from worrying as parents. I don't think an hour is able to go by each day when I'm not worrying about one of the kids!

I'm glad your friend's baby is doing well- we know so many people who have had premature births and it is a scary situation.

As for the eating thing, just to reassure you (if that's possible, because I know I'm very hard to be reassured!), Gab was a little chub as a baby, always eating way more than he should, the doctors bitched me out every time I would go and see them. At one, he was weighing 12 kilos if that gives you an idea. Anyway, he is the thinnest 4 year old now with the longest legs- I can't even get pants that stay up on him if they don't have the adjustable waist. I think as long as you establish good eating habits, introduce fruits and veggies with yogurt and meat at the right times- balance- I don't think that his eating a little more milk now is going to have much of an impact. Louise has always eaten way more than Gab (we call her a little goat because she eats everything!), but she only weighs 13 kilos, so really, I wouldn't worry about anything. Like you, I started worrying about Alice because lately, she's been finishing a couple of 180 bottles per day and she's only 2 and a half months, but like you say, it's a lot better to have a child with a good appetite than to watch a sick child in the hospital, so we should be thankful.

Lisanne said...

You said it. An online friend gave birth to her stillborn daughter on March 26th, and I just can't imagine what she must be going through. I look at our children and think about how amazing they are and how life is such a miracle and a gift. We are SO fortunate.

Anonymous said...

You're so right. Every day is a gift. When I think of how baby & I both nearly didn't make it....I am thankful for every whine, every cry, every sleepless night.