Friday, June 12, 2009

on allergies, teething and baby jail

Last week I was sure I'd developed another sinus infection so off I went to see the doctor again (man he must love us now!). No, he said, I was having a really bad allergic reaction. How funny that something I lived with for so long in the States has caught up with me here and I didn't even recognize it! He gave me a month long perscription of a really good allergy medicine - it dissolves on my tongue! it doesn't make me sleepy! (well, sleepier) - and is going to send me to have my allergies tested in September. Woo hoo!!

Meanwhile, we've just ended another fun teething period. Funny, you don't realize how bad it is until it's over. All of a sudden, Fry starts sleeping in until 8 and is way more pleasant to be around.

Finally, Fry is now faster than a speeding bullet! Stéphane's first solution was, "well, we'll just have to keep an eye on him." Yes, you parents can stop guffawing now. After Fry nearly cleared a low shelf of computer CD's, bonked his head on the TV stand, the corner of a brick that holds up the decorative wooden posts in the salon, and nearly turned off Stéphane's computer (ooh shiny!), Stéphane's next solution was to buy the biggest baby jail we could find. This playpen is so big it takes up half our salon, but Fry has plenty of room to move and play. We'd actually bought it the day of my doctor's appointment, so I mentioned it to him, and he said this was the perfect age to buy a playpen as he can also work on pulling himself up to stand. He already reaches up and grabs the bars (baby jail!!) and he can push himself up to stand if he's sitting on my leg so I reckon it won't be long before he puts two and two together.

And that's all! Sorry it's been so quiet around here at Tiny Town Manor, but if all goes well I may be going on an interesting sight seeing trip next weekend so surely some photos of interest will come from that!

Edited to add: Just went to get Fry, who was crying in his bed, probably because he was standing up and didn't know what to do next. So much for two and two!!


Lghtngfan said...

*Wonders if she should tell Vivi that Grandma said Dad was walking at 10 months.*

Naaaaaaah. It's better of she not know.

Vivi said...

Yeah, but what kind of walking? Walking without help or gripping the couch? We say I was walking at 13 months but that was with a fingertip (god I was such a diva baby). Hm... must call Grandma. :D How old were you, by the way?

Lghtngfan said...

I don't know. I don't remember. ;p Then again, I didn't ask. lol

La Rêveuse said...

Yeah, you're right. I guffawed. :)

While he's in there, start babyproofing. There will come the day when he *refuses* to be in there period--you should be prepared. Zip ties on computer cords (And maybe hang a cloth stapled from the back of the desk to hide that, too--out of sight out of mind), wrap the brick posts in something softer (old blankets with duct tape? You won't need it forever), etc. We covered book/CD shelves with plexiglass and wrapped elastic bands around so we could remove it when we needed something. Cabinet locks, and put stuff up and away! Rowan was Captain Destructo--it was all necessary.

Bon courage, mon amie!

becky @ misspriss said...

Haha! I remember when my little guy was just learning to stand and the screeching was quite pronounced until he finally learned how to get down.

Support Lin said...

It's great. ^^