Monday, June 15, 2009

the unfortunate consequeces of progress

So just when Stéphane and I were congratulating ourselves on our genius offspring, we discovered the downside of Fry learning how to stand up in bed: now that he's learned this new trick, he wants to do it all. the. time. Nap time now means putting him down and waiting for him to cry because he's stood up and can't get back down, not once but usually twice or three times. He just can't help himself. Like a moth to a flame, as soon as I leave the room he's back at it, and he just keeps going until he literally doesn't have the strength to go anymore.

To make things more complicated, Fry has figured out standing up in his baby jail parc after trying and falling over only once. And while I'm so excited for him (the look of joy on his face is palpable) it also means we're seeing lots more frustration, arms and legs stuck between bars, and lots and lots of dings and bonks on the old noggin. Hopefully his head is as hard as his father's.

In a vainglorious effort to force Fry to learn how to get down, we let him cry as long as we can stand it to encourage him to at least try instead of calling for us, but he's a stubborn little bugger and he cried himself purple yesterday. He did the climb and cry routine so much yesterday that he got a total of fifteen minutes of sleep in the afternoon, and that was literally because he'd run out of steam, hand still clinging to a bar of his parc. And just when we thought he'd had enough, he managed to climb and cry twice when we put him down last night.

And again at 6:00 this morning.

Yeah, I got the message. The easy part is over.


PutYourFlareOn said...

OH, I remember this. It is hard. I ended up letting Max cry it out until he got tired and would figure out that he could bend his knees and sit back down again. It took like a week for him to figure it out.

The bonks on the head are inevitable. Get a stick of arnica and use is liberally. Their heads are super tough. They can handle it.

As for frustration for the parents? Well, have a cold beer waiting for you once he does go down and put those feet up. it will get better. :)

Antipo Déesse said...

Um, I can recommend the cold beer solution too!

Doc said...


You know I am TOTALLY enjoying all of this.

Not much on the beer solution, but can recommend the wine one. Works good too. An currently employing it as I try (in vain so far) to reattach the ctrl key Mélanie ripped off my laptop.

(hmm word verification is "jamais". Telling us something?)