Friday, June 26, 2009

one more week

Ugh. One more week of stressed out husband. If you're married to a teacher, you know. The run up to the end of the year is so stressful! I can't speak to upper ed. but the last two weeks of primary school here is field trips, la fête de l'école, meetings preparing for next year... This weekend Stéph will be wrapping up his administrative duties on his students so that after next Thursday, the last day of school, he will be well and truly done. And then it takes him a week just to decompress. He's really pleasant to be around this time of year, let me tell you. I want to say that in the (nearly) five years we've been married, 99% of our squabbles have been around this time of year. I think this year I'm just going to give him a wide berth!

In other news, I just found out when dropping off Fry at the halte garderie that they're going to be open for another three weeks! That was a nice surprise; since they follow the school year I expected today to be the last day until September. I was worried that a huge break would mean that we'd have to start all over again getting him used to going, but extending it a little bit may help with that, we'll see.

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense - it's so humid in here that my glasses keep fogging up!


laanba said...

The end of the school year is my most hated time as well. Glad to know it is the same a world away.

JChevais said...
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JChevais said...

Hugs to Stéphane, Fry and especially you. One more day and the battle is won!