Thursday, September 11, 2008

a little taste of home

So I mentioned the other day that now that I have some cans of condensed soup stored in my pantry, I could finally try a recipe I've been jonesing for for quite a while now: hash brown casserole. This is a recipe that's not for the faint of heart, as it basically contains a heart attack in every serving, so it's not what I would call an "everyday dish" (though some of my southern compatriots may disagree!).

I used this recipe as a base (and it bears saying that I use that website quite a lot for ideas or searching for something in particular). In France, hash browns exist as "galettes" and are usually served as a side dish with dinner instead of breakfast. The ones I found in my local store are made of shredded potatoes and include onions and parsley, so I didn't bother adding more onions to the mix. I also skipped the salt and followed the suggestion of one reviewers and sprinkled some fried onions on top at the end.

The end result was not bad at all:

hash brown casserole

Of course, my eyes are bigger than my stomach as I made two of these mini casseroles for Stéph and I as side dishes for lunch today and that's as far as I could get. That's alright, we're not afraid of leftovers around here. Plus I've got two more servings in the same size in the freezer to enjoy someday in the future. It may not be a perfect replica of the hash brown casserole I can get back home but this sure hits the spot. Now I just have to resist the temptation to hit that spot over and over again...

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