Friday, September 05, 2008

odds and ends

French Fry is "en siège"
We had another check up Wednesday afternoon and all is well. It's like freaky well, in fact. My blood and urine tests are still coming back perfect, no swelling, blood pressure's still 120/80. The doctor doesn't like the numbers on the scale too much, but since everything else is so good I'm not worrying. French Fry hasn't turned yet but he's got another month to do so before we start getting panicky. Meanwhile, I'm sure he'll continue to tap dance on my pelvis.

After the appointment we went up to the maternity to get the list of things to pack (and a metric ton of publicity and magazines, ninety percent of which I threw in the recycling bin). As we were leaving the sage femme said, "A bientôt!", ("see you soon!") which completely freaked my freak.

Vivi & Stéph become dirty clean hippies
Like a large number of friends of ours, we've decided to go with cloth diapers. I really like the idea of being a bit more environmentally friendly, while Stéph likes the idea of saving a whole bunch of money. We ordered ours from the States, since the latest and greatest cloth diapers are still a bit less expensive there (yep, even with shipping!).

We're also going to make the switch over to soapnuts, which will eliminate the need for both laundry detergent and fabric softener. Again, I like the environmentally friendly side, Stéph likes the saving money side (do you see a trend?). I'm going to pick some up in Troyes next week.

Of baby clothes and condensed soup
Yesterday I made the trek out to Haute-Marne to spend the day with Doc, who offered to pass along some baby clothes for French Fry. I think it's safe to say that he'll have more choices at six months than I do now (seriously, if you're considering purchasing a gift for French Fry, don't bother with clothes for the age of six months!) as I came home with three huge boxes full.

On the way home I had to stop by her local Super U, which is a magical place. Not only do they offer Dr. Pepper, but condensed soups. Do you know how long I've been wanting to make a huge hash brown casserole? They also have an impressive array of English foods, including golden syrup (which I'm kicking myself for not buying since I actually have a recipe that calls for it), scone mix, Branston pickle, and jelly mixes. The kicker is that the prices are actually reasonable, unlike such that is found in certain shops in Paris. I'm going to pick up a nice block 'o cheddar next time I'm in Troyes and then I'll have big ole American cuisine orgy in my kitchen next week!

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