Monday, September 01, 2008

vivi labors on Labor Day Weekend

No no no, not that kind of labor! French Fry is right where he's supposed to be, thank you. However, some of the furniture we ordered a month ago finally came in, so while my fellow Americans have been enjoying barbecues and a three-day weekend, we finally got down to the business of moving stuff around the house. The salon area has been totally rearranged, the new, smaller desk put together, and the computers and all their peripheral crap put into place. We actually added furniture to the salon and it still seems twice as big! (pictures coming eventually) Furniture has also started moving around upstairs, with the hallway getting new furniture and also seeming twice as large now. The down side is that the bedrooms (for I think we can safely call the office French Fry's bedroom now, wheee!) are stuffed full of crap and filthy. They will be attacked next week; in any case Phase One is finished.

Meanwhile, today is La Rentrée and summer is officially over. Oh, it might still be warm where you are, but here in France even Mother Nature pays heed to the calendar, as we've dropped about ten degrees Celsius today (not that I'm complaining!). Teachers reported this morning and students follow tomorrow. I have no where to report but I've already put in some time working this morning, as all this feeling of "getting back to it" has rubbed right off on me.

In the coming weeks I'm going to be heavy on the reorganization - I hesitate to call it "nesting" and prefer "getting this crap cleaned up while I still have the energy to do it." I've also got a couple of cool projects to share. Ooh - and make sure you tune in tomorrow - I'll be celebrating an anniversary of sorts. Until then, happy Labor Day to you crazy kids back home, happy Rentrée to those of you in France, and happy Monday to everyone else!

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