Friday, September 26, 2008


This week, I think it finally sunk in. I am tired.

Ten minutes later...

Yup, pretty damn tired.

We had our third trimester ultrasound this week as well. First surprise: we may have to start calling French Fry "Steak Fry," since he's currently weighing in at about three kilos (about 6.6 pounds) after measuring his head, tummy and thigh bone. The doctor said he's not ginormous but we may want to skip buying any more newborn sized clothes (!!!).

The other thing is that he is still hasn't turned and is turned in towards me. At 34 weeks, there's still time for him to turn (and we do have a friend who had to schedule a C section for 38 weeks only to find that the baby had finally turned and she was sent home) but because of this in addition to his size we may have to start doing to measurements and calculations. We'll see what my regular doctor says when we see him next week.

I also had my first pre-natal class this week, which I think I'm really going to like. There are three of us and the other two are due about two weeks after me. There are five more classes and if they are anything like our introduction class, which lasted two hours, they will definitely be thorough.

My MIL is after us to tell her what we still need as various family members would like to buy us stuff for the baby, but we have practically everything. I managed to pull a couple of things out of thin air which I hope appeased her. We are so grateful to have received so many things second hand, but at the same time the only thing we've chosen for our son is his bed and I'd like to pick out some bedding, for heaven's sake! In the next couple of weeks I may get the opportunity to go throw some money at the Petit Bateau outlet store. Where I'll be skipping over newborn sizes...

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