Friday, November 05, 2010

Back to the kitchen

Right, so where were we? Ah yes, demolition is over so now it's time to build the kitchen back up!

Last Thursday was IKEA day, and it was insanely exhausting, not to mention that we all got sick from all the dust flying around from breaking down all the concrete! Here's our day in a nutshell: We dropped off Fry at Mémère's house, picked up the rental truck, drove to Reims, ordered the kitchen, picked up what we could (two carts full!), loaded up the truck, picked up the rest from the merchandise counter (another cart full!) and loaded that up, ate some meatballs, did one last mad dash to pick up some birthday presents, drove back to Tiny Town, unloaded the truck in our first floor apartment (uuuuuuugh), brought the truck back, picked up Fry, home in time for dinner, and then I died.

Thank god Friday I got to go to work to rest! Here's the rest of the Toussaint vacation in pictures:

Saturday I helped get the corner piece installed:


And at the end of the day it looked like this:

slowly but surely

By the end of the day Sunday he had one side completely done, and Monday it looked like this:

First dinner!

But least you think everything is done:

Hm... something's missing

Stéphane went back to work on Wednesday, so everything is at a standstill until the weekend. We are so close!!

Also, we have completely run out of luck as far as appliances are concerned. A few weeks ago we decided to replace our washing machine. Last week the dryer died, so we ordered a new one (it's on backorder and will be here in another week and a half). This week the dishwasher flooded the kitchen, after Stéphane has already tried to repair it twice, so that's another appliance purchased which will arrive next week. It's a damned good thing I got this job, because my first three (THREE!!!) paychecks have gone to new appliances!!


Clare said...

Over the last 2 years everything that was here, or we bought with us, has died. Cooker, washing machine, dishwasher. The last thing was about a month ago - the freezer. The expense is dreadful, but at least we know that everything is now new and under extended guarantee.

I love IKEA. We went to Bordeaux last Monday - Toussaint. Big mistake! Another lesson learnt is only go to IKEA when the kids are at school!

La Rêveuse said...

Now I want to know--what color are you going to paint? I can't wait for you to have your dream kitchen all done! (Though I know it's exhausting to think of one more thing... believe me!)

Love you, Vivi!!!

Ms Mac said...

It all looks so great. How very exciting for you.

The Bold Soul said...

Love the look of the cabinet doors and the hardware you chose... it's Ikea-contemporary but also rather homey-looking. Well done!

For all the money appliances cost in France, you'd think they'd last longer, wouldn't you?