Friday, November 12, 2010

challenge accepted

Thanks for the encouraging comments! I think this could be a fun project to put together and I want it to be something really special so I'm going to take my time and really do it right. I'll let you know how's it's going along the way!

This week has been pretty mellow. St├ęphane had yesterday off for Armistace Day and since the school is closed on Wednesdays he had a little weekend in the middle of the week. We were supposed to go to Tiny Town's little memorial parade yesterday but the weather was so awful I couldn't even contemplate taking Fry out in it. We had some really serious winds coming through until after midnight which actually kept me up. Thankfully they have calmed down a bit since Fridays are pretty busy around here.

This weekend we've been invited to my MIL's for couscous (COUSCOUS!!!), which I adore, obviously! Hey, maybe I need to get over there early and jot down the recipe!

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Pat said...

Here is a really good recipe for a classic Moroccan couscous. It is fairly easy but a bit time consuming.