Monday, November 22, 2010

fry frustration

Fry hasn't had an easy week. Wednesday he had his 2 year old visit and for the first time, he completely flipped out. He's always handled shots extremely well, with a little cry and it's over after 30 seconds, so just the fact that he had a negative reaction to the doctor was a surprise to me. I'm guessing he made the link because he just had a booster shot a few weeks ago so it's still relatively fresh in his mind.

Anyway, he's fine, healthy as a horse and still topping out the height charts. At home, his major occupations are getting us to play some videos, either on the computer or on the tv, and getting us to color with him.

I'm freaked out at how much Fry is obsessed by moving pictures. He could happily sit in front of the tv all day like a zombie if I let him, and believe me, I won't. A couple of weeks ago we discovered Yo Gabba Gabba together online and now he's totally in love (and I have to admit, I'm totally into it, too). But it breaks my heart that he's not interested in books anymore, even though we keep buying them and trying to sit down and read together. We're going to keep fighting for that.

I think Fry is talking a lot more than we think he is, but I suspect he's using a lot more French vocabulary and I'm not catching it. I swear the other day I heard him say "where are you" in French, and just this morning I thought he said "chien" as we walked by the fence where a dog lives. I would say that about 75% of the words he says are French, though he understands me perfectly when I speak English (which is most of the time). The truth is, he still baby-babbles so much that he could slip a few real words in there and we may not catch them because we're not paying attention! I guess I'd be pretty frustrated, too.

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La Rêveuse said...

That's around the age Rowan started freaking uncontrollably at the doctor, too. I think it lasted from 18 mo. to 3 years. Honestly, it only ended when I switched doctors, which I wanted to do anyway (good excuse) and was able to get her in with "the good doc" because she would take a sib with an infant. She did freak for her last appointment, but she had a wicked ear infection, so I blame that. It's not Fry, it's the age! Pretty sure. He'll grow out of it, it's just embarrassing for Mom, but the docs and nurses know. Don't worry, Vivi!

He'll get back to books--it's just something new. Maybe set aside a special reading/snuggle time each day? We do usually with Rowan right before bed, and it's a nice way to get her calmed down. I'm using TV only as a reward for success on the toilet. She's a manipulative little stinker, though, and seems to have an endless supply when she's in the mood for the boob tube. ;-)