Thursday, May 05, 2005


Today is another Catholic holiday, Ascension Day. I still can't get anyone to explain to me how we still have Catholic holidays in a country that prides itself on its secularism, but if the uproar over the possibility of the holiday of Pentacost being taken away is any clue, I suspect that we still celebrate them because the unions see changing these holidays as a threat to their precious days off. That's just an outsider's point of view, so any comments are certainly welcome, as usual.

Because this holiday is on a Thursday this year, many people are "bridging" the holiday and taking Friday off as well for a nice long weekend. Since Steph doesn't work on Wednesdays and he worked in an extra class last Friday to make up for tomorrow, he's got a very nice long 5 day weekend. This is his last big break until the end of the school year, so besides the barbeque we're going to in a little bit, we will be taking it easy, especially since we're both getting over colds now and the weather isn't cooperating anyway.

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